Special Food Needs

If you require one of these special order meals or have further dietary restrictions we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. We are able to provide vegetarian, vegan and some allergen-free meals if needed, as long as we are notified well in advance. The most common requested are:

Vegetarian: Vegetarian catering is pretty simple. Many vegetarian eaters base their diets around fresh vegetables and fruits while also incorporating eggs, dairy, and nuts to get a healthy dose of protein. Consider offering some delicious salads with fresh vegetables for vegetarians, as well as other veggie-based dishes. And if you’re unsure of what to provide, just ask your guests ahead of time what they’d like.

Vegan: People frequently assume that vegans eat the same as vegetarians, but that’s definitely not true. Vegans steer clear of any animal-derived ingredients. Obviously they don’t eat meat, but unlike vegetarians, vegans also do not eat eggs, dairy, or any minor ingredients that come from animals. We can easily accommodate vegans by removing any animal-based ingredients and replace them with different vegetable, fruit, or nut ingredients.

Allergies: Catering for people with special diets, food allergies, or intolerances is quite a challenge. But with some thoughtful event planning, we can accommodate more specific food allergies such as glutten, dairy, nuts, & shellfish.

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