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Food Stations

A station-style reception is one where the food is spread out among different “stations”, or areas, throughout the reception space. For example, there may be one area that is a carving station while another area serves as a raw bar, or a tapas station, a dessert station, and so forth. The portions served at each station are typically on the smaller side, usually requiring just two or three bites to finish.

Pros: Creative food stations and presentations are crowd pleasers; guests will also appreciate the wide variety of dishes and the interactive element. Since the stations are spread out throughout the space, guests won’t likely have to wait very long in line, if at all. At cook-to-order stations, guests can request exactly how they would like their dish prepared. This meal style also promotes a lot of interaction among guests.

Cons: Your reception site will need ample room to accommodate the extra space food stations require. You will also need more chefs if you have interactive stations (i.e. pasta, carving stations, etc.), adding to your cost.

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