Buffet Catering

A buffet-style reception is usually considered the most casual style of meal service and they are a “comfort zone” for most people. Prepared food is set up on long tables with servers stationed behind the buffet table to serve the guests.

Pros: Buffets require fewer servers than with a plated dinner. You’ll still need staffers to tend to the buffet, and waiters to provide beverages and cleanup services to the tables, but overall you’ll save some money on your staff charges. Buffets also make it easier and more cost effective to provide guests with a variety of choices, which is helpful since many people have so many types of allergies and dietary restrictions. This service style also promotes mingling and interacting among guests.

Cons: Since each table will have to wait their turn to head to the buffet, it may take a while for all guests to receive their food and create long lines; however, we have an effective system for moving the lines quickly.  Guests have to carry their own plates, which may not be as elegant as you would like and, though rare, it increases the possibility of people have “food spills”.

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