As the years pass, trends come and go out of style. For weddings it seems like the new traditional wedding is to be untraditional. Even the time old “something borrowed, something blue” has been given a modern twist. If you are planning to have you wedding this year, follow our guide for the hot, new trends we have been seeing across our catered events. Even those of you shaking your head, thinking that following a trend is not your thing, may very well be surprised at the fun new twists to the modern catering style.

Fusion Menus
Fusion menus is the term coined for creating meals based on the personality and the relationship of the newlywed couple. The menu is created based on favorite foods, home cooked meals, favorite restaurants, or where they had their first date. Fusion menus can also combine the flavors from both the bride and groom’s side of the family, creating an edible version of joining two families into one.

Choosing Local
Many clients have been looking to ensure that their meals are as homegrown as they are, choosing menu options that are as close to farm-to-table that they can get.

Casual Cocktail Hour
Aiming for a more casual approach to serving guests, many couples opt to have bite-size menu options available to nibble on while waiting for the reception to begin. Miniature stations of oyster bars, sliders, summer rolls, or other casual eats help guests transition from ceremony to reception and open the room for guest interaction.

Food Stations/ Food Bars
Adding a twist to serving buffet-style, food stations are popping up at weddings across the nation. Fajita bars, shrimp stations, pasta stations, and even meat carving stations allow for a variety of food to be presented to guests in a simple, casual yet elegant way.

Dessert Tables
Cake isn’t the only dessert option any more and there is a chance you may spoil your dinner if dessert stations are at your wedding. Tables are set up and displayed with an array of the bride and grooms favorite dessert options plus a few more. From mini cakes and brownie bites to s’mores bars and churro stations, there are endless options with dessert.